These pictures were drawn by Marta (13 years old) a very young artist from Spain who has been painting since she was 12.

By viewing these pictures we can have an idea of how good she can be the day after tomorrow if she still paints. She likes drawing animals, specially horses but she has also drawn some vases.

We hope she will continue doing these excellent pieces of art and with our help and her unique talent she will have a promising future as a painter.
Estos dibujos fueron realizados por Marta (13 años) una joven artista de España que ha estado pintando desde los 12 años.

Al ver estos dibujos nos podemos hacer una idea del futuro que le espera si continua pintando. Le gusta dibujar animales, especialmente caballos pero también ha dibujado jarrones.

Esperamos que siga realizando estas excelente obras de arte y con nuestra ayuda y su talento único puede tener un prometedor futuro como pintora.
  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image and some information on each painting.  

Marta wishes to thank all the people who have visited her page.

Message Board Extract
(Here you will find the messages sent to our website regarding Marta's paintings)
Message sent by :  Juan Santiesteban (age 14)
San Sebastian, Spain)
Hola Keith, me encantan los caballos y me encantan los cuadros que ha pintado Marta.
  Keith's Reply Hola Juan, estoy de acuerdo contigo, a mi tambien me encantan tanto los caballos como los cuadros, tienen un realismo muy fehaciente..  
  Message sent by :  Jeremy Wolf (age 19)
(London UK)
Hi Keith,great paintings, I was really impressed with the horse bucking, it's full of horse spirit.  
  Keith's Reply Hi Jeremy can't but agree with you, the horse has a very strong impression and looks very realistic.  

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