These paintings were done by Silvia (15 years old). Silvia is a very talented young artist from Spain, she started painting when she was only 13. As you can see in these incredible masterpieces she has a very good style and a very promising future as a painter. From here we want to congratulate her and motivate her to continue painting.
Estos cuadros fueron realizados por Silvia (15 años). Silvia es una joven artista con mucho talento de, España y empezó a pintar con solo 13 años. Como podéis ver en sus increíbles obras de arte tiene un estilo muy bueno y un futuro prometedor como artista. Desde aquí la queremos felicitar y motivar para que continúe pintando.
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Silvia wishes to thank all the people who have visited her page.

Message Board Extract
(Here you will find the messages sent to our website regarding Silvia's paintings)
  Message sent by :  Franco Mantini  (age 12)
Milan, Italy)
Hello Keith, I like the painting in the young artist section, Silvia has a lot of talent, her paintings are very cool.  
  Keith's Reply Dear Franco, I agree with you, Silvia has the talent necessary to represent the things she sees in the most realistic way. I hope she continues painting.  
  Message sent by :  Matt Stevenson
(Newcastle UK)
Hi Keith, I found the new Young Artist section a very good idea, it is a way of motivating other young artists to show their work. I must say Silvia is a very good artist.  
  Keith's Reply Merry Christmas Matt, it's true Silvia has a great style, I'm sure she will surprise us further.  
  Message sent by :  Susan Atkinson
(Melbourne, Australia)
Hi Keith, I was just admiring the work of Silvia in the Young Artist section, she has a very good style.  
  Keith's Reply Hi Susan, I can't but agree with you, she has a lot of talent for such a young artist.  

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