Blog 1 (Xmas 2008)  
Hello Friends,

Christmas is here, this year I decided to add a Christmas Carol to the website home page, I chose "Do they Know its Christmastime?" I have always liked this Christmas Song as it makes us think seriously about how lucky we are, things we take for granted, things as simple as having a permanent supply of water in our bathroom or kitchen is absolutely unthinkable for many people around the world.

We also have the idea that people in need are far away from us, whenever we talk about families in need of food or children who haven't food or toys everyone immediately thinks about the African continent, granted that there are many people in the African continent who need our help, but we always tend to forget that there are people close to us who are also in a great need for our help.

A recent TV programme brought me back down to earth last week, in this programme a TV crew converted a warehouse into a weekend home for an orphanage, this programme made me think about  how lucky many children are by simply having a family that look after them, we don't remember the large number of orphan children in our own countries that although they are very well looked after by the people who sacrifice their lives to fulfilling their needs it can never be compared with the feelings and experiences which a child lives with his own family.

One of the reasons to establish this website in the first place was always to help children, teachers and other visitors, obviously in an educational way, I think I am meeting those objectives as time passes the numbers of visitors increase and the numbers of schools using the website for educational reasons have also increased, nevertheless I think that my goal is still far away and I must continue working, not only by improving the sections already available or preparing new sections but I think that I also need to introduce a social approach on the site. I am currently looking into ways of making people aware of the needs and problems that arise around the world not only regarding children but also regarding the other great forgotten, the animals.

When we talk about animals in need of our attention we must divide them into two different sections, first of all the animals in danger of extinction, people don't realize just how many species are disappearing every day because of our egocentric need for possession which is taking many environments to be destroyed and many species to be killed for their tusks or skins, but we don't have to go too far away to find animals that are in neglect, on a recent visit to the local dog pound I was absolutely horrified by the number of animals found there, most people thinks a dog pound would be full of mongrels too ugly for anyone to want, I can assure you that is far from the reality, you can find a large number of mongrels but also a very large number of thoroughbred dogs are to be found, everything from little poodles or Yorkshires to large Alsatians, collies or even Saint Bernard's. The most depressing point of all this is that most of these dogs were Christmas presents which were very loved and looked after for the first year of their life until they became a nuisance, reasons like wanting to go away for a holiday and not having anyone to look after the dog or simply nobody has the time or desire to look after them any longer.

Remember that the lovely little puppy you have just taken home will grow into a big dog and will need to be loved and looked after.

I will commit myself to continue my work preparing new sections that will try and inform people better of the social and humanitarian needs of the people and animals that form that blue giant called Earth.