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  Canary Shop  
Canary Shop offers many new products, take some time to go through the products we offer.
  Dog Family  
Our dog family has increased with 3 new puppies, Mitzi, Blackie and Cathy.

We also have 2 new adult dogs in the family, Luna and Lara, their pages are now online.

All the dog galleries have been updated with new photos.

Poultry Farming has returned to Appleby Farm. After many years without poulty we have started breeding Bantams on our farm again. A couple of beautiful little hens and a friend's Bantam Cock are responsible for the return of Bantams on our farm. A photo gallery will be available on line soon.

The competition page has become a must for many of our visitors, we have some regulars solving the anagrams and spot the differences every month. 2 new competitions have been included this month; 

  * Flag of the Month
  * Feature of the Month 
Advertising on Canaryzoo is now possible, if you are interested in advertising on our website send your offer to my email and I will get back to you.

Pigs are once more on Appleby farm, now we have Vietnamese pigs, you can visit Homer's page in the pig section.

  Kids Section  
More fun and entertainment for the young ones in our kids section.

  Camels and Llamas  
A new section is now online with a lot of interesting information about camels and llamas and a very interesting Alpaca photo gallery.



  Many new sections are being worked on, news about them will be online soon.   If you have any ideas or suggestions use the feedback to send us these ideas.