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Message sent by :   Nicola Foster (UK)
Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I have just started breeding canaries and have some chicks can you advise me on where is the best place to buy the rings thank you.
Keith's Reply I really like Fife fancy canaries, they were one of my favourites while breeding canaries, I haven't been breeding canaries for some time but when I decide to do so in the future I will definitely breed these little beauties again. Any advice you need just let me know.

I have always bought them from AC Hughes, they offer a wide range of sizes in very good quality rings.

They are an English company and offer a good guarantee, you won't be disappointed with them. I am including the link to their webpage.
Message sent by :   Nicola Foster (UK)
Thank you very much for your help. Regards Nicola

Message sent by :   Doreen Knight (UK)
Hello, please can you tell me how long Rosa Bourkes live.
Keith's Reply The bourke's parakeet lifespan in captivity is from about 8 to 15 years, feeding takes an important part in their lifespan, when I was breeding this species I found that the mutations specially the pink mutations tend to be weaker and also tend to live less, the ordinary grey varieties seem to be stronger and live longer. There is a complete page about Rosa Bourkes in my bird section on the site. If you have any more questions just let me know, I bred rosa bourkes for many years and know quite a lot about them.  
Message sent by :   Doreen Knight (UK)
Hello, thanks for the info. We have 3 rosa bourkes one is in its pink plumage and the other 2 are about 4 years old and are still changing pink from
Keith's Reply They are a very sweet species although they are very delicate to breed, I live in quite a humid climate which is quite cold in winter, and it didn't suit them. I find them a very interesting specie and will probably breed again sometime.

Message sent by :  Manuel (Valdecasas, Spain)
Hola Keith, te agradecería me indicaras donde puedo conseguir el producto Aviclens para germinar granos para mis aves, o si no algún producto similar. Lo que uso actualmente para tal menester es lejia apta para desinfección de agua potable al 1%.
Keith's Reply Estimado Manuel, gracias por visitar mi web, espero te haya sido de utilidad. Ahora mismo no estoy usando aviclens pero hasta hace poco lo traía de Inglaterra. Lo compro a "The Bird Care Company", es una empresa seria y nunca he tenido problemas con ellos. Espero esta información te sea util. Ante cualquier cosa no dudes en contactar conmigo.  

Message sent by :  Joan Jason (Wisconsin US)
Hi Keith, I found your webpage very interesting, I am trying to breed Port Lincolns, can you help me with any information ?
Keith's Reply Dear Joan, Port Lincolns are quite difficult to breed, I had a pair for three years without any success, they need a very large aviary, find some information attached.  
Message sent by :  Joan Jason (Wisconsin US) Thanks for the information Keith, it was really interesting, I realise now my aviary is too small I must get a bigger one.  
Keith's Reply All the best with your birds Joan, let me know how things go.  

Message sent by :  Ian Zinbanba (South Africa)
Excelent article about the Zebra Finches, I found it very interesting as I am just starting to breed this species. Merry Xmas.
Keith's Reply Dear Ian, if you need any help please let me know, all the best to you for Christmas.  

Message sent by :  Peter Jacobson(age 13)  (Illinois U.S.)
Hello Keith, I want to use some of the information on your web about Gouldian Finches for a school work, it this possible ?
Keith's Reply Dear Peter, I am happy you have found the information useful, of course you can use it in your work, if you need any help please let me know. Keep me updated with your work.  
Message sent by :  Peter Jacobson (age 13)  (Illinois U.S.) Hello Keith, my teacher congratulated me for the work, thank you.  
Keith's Reply Dear Peter, glad to hear it.  

Message sent by :  Luis Pérez (Toledo - Spain)
Hola Keith, he encontrado muy útil la información sobre los tamaños de las anillas, me he dado cuenta que estaba anillando mis inseparable con unas anillas muy pequeñas y por eso estaba teniendo problemas con algunos pajaros, por desgracia uno de mis machos ha perdido una pata, a partir de ahora esto no me va a pasar.
Keith's Reply Estimado Luis, por desgracia esto pasa, yo prefiero que las anillas queden grandes a mis pájaros, de hecho las anillas inglesas son mas grandes que las que se venden en España, especialmente las que provienen de Italia que son bastante mas pequeñas. Te recomiendo las compres de Inglaterra, te mando la dirección de correo del fabricante que me las suministra a mi.