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Message sent by :   Laura (Spain)
Hi Keith!!!
How are you? Relaxing before school starts?
First of all congratulations for canarygeog. it´s really good.
Keith's Reply Hi Laura, hope you are prepared for the new term, glad you like Canarygeog, the page will be growing a lot this year as there are many new ideas in project.  

Message sent by :   Cindy Cheong
I found your website on Google and I find it very interesting and helpful! It really helped me in knowing more about Glaciers. Two thumbs up! Thank you and keep up the great work!!
Keith's Reply I'm glad my webpage has helped you with your geography, it makes me happy to know my webpage is useful for people all around the world. Glaciers is a complicated concept, there are some games in my Geography Game section about glaciers.  

Message sent by :   Uttam (age 23) (Kolhapur, India)
Your site is very useful ... thank you and best of luck for your future.
Keith's Reply I'm very happy when I receive messages like yours, I'm glad you find the site useful, that is the prime directive of the site. I hope you continue visiting the webpage regularly.  

Message sent by :   Victor  (age 12) (Spain)
I am Victor, your web is very very good, I'd like you to continue making new parts for the web.
Keith's Reply Glad you like the website Victor, I am currently working on some new sections which I hope will be online soon. Many new sections appeared during the summer.  

Message sent by :   Ruthy (age 13) (Spain)
Hello! Your web page is very interesting and I like it a lot ... I hope you continue working on it with a lot of effort and energy like you have ... Continue like this and you'll have one of the best webs. One thing I wanted to ask you is if you are not going to put things about science. I liked the games a lot. Well, that's all folks!
Keith's Reply Hello Ruthy, its very encouraging for me when people find my web interesting. I am preparing many new sections and answering your question, yes, there will be a science section which will start working in the summer. There will also be new games on the web very soon. Thanks for your comments.  

Message sent by :  Valeria (age 14) (Spain)
Hello!!! I was very impressed when I saw the web page for the first time, your web page has helped me a lot with my geography project.
Keith's Reply Dear Valeria, I'm glad my website has been useful to you for your geography project. I've been working a lot on the geography section trying to make it as complete as possible, new sections will be on the page soon.  

Message sent by :  Silvia (age 14) (Spain)
Hi Keith!! You have put some geography games on your page. They are very useful to practice for IGCSE geography exams and you also have a good time. Nice work.
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia, I'm glad you find the geography games interesting as well as useful for your IGCSE exams. I am currently preparing new games for this section.  

Message sent by :  Silvia Binns (Manchester, UK)
Dear Keith, your new geography section is very good, I am preparing for my GCSE exams and I found the information very clear and easy to understand. I have also been looking at the rest of your page, it's very nice and with lots of interesting things.
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia, the geography section has been made to help people like you who are preparing exams or studying geography. I will improve the geography section so continue visiting.  

Message sent by :  Silvia and Itziar (age 14) (Spain)
Hi Keith! We were looking at your web page looking for photographs for the school fair. And Itziar and I found very interesting things about coasts. Your web page is very good. I hope you put more things in the web page. Please, continue like that!! Well, that's all. Happy new Year!!
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia and Itziar, I'm pleased that you found some usefull photos for your School Fair, I'm also happy that you like my webpage, I'm preparing many new projects, new things appear all the time on the web.  

Message sent by :  Eva (age 13) (Spain)
Hellooo!!  I like  your page very much, it’s  very interesting. The “Canary Coast” section has helped me a lot with the project. I wish you continue decorating your web page like that . Eva
Keith's Reply Dear Eva, I'm glad the Canary Coast section has helped you with your project. Trying to make the webpage as interesting as possible. Suggestions of new ideas are always welcome.