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Message sent by :   Chiedu Akaraiwe
Hi, please I am seeking to buy a very good Dogue de Bordeaux, do you have a link to a good breeder?. Thanks.
Keith's Reply IHi, I have sent you a link to the British Dogue de Bordeaux breeders, I'm sure you will be able to find a good breeder to supply you with an excellent dog.  

Message sent by :   Alex
The picture of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on your website is incorrect, that is some kind of cross, also their average living is 15-18 years.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, thanks for the information, do you have a photo which I can use.  
Message sent by :   Alex
I have sent you a photo of my Staffordshire Bull Terrier which you can use on the website.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, thanks for the photo, the information on the website has been corrected.  

Message sent by :  Pete Jameson (Texas, U.S.A.)
Hey Keith, great page, I found your pages on animals very cool, keep up the good work.
Keith's Reply Dear Pete, I'm glad you like the page, comments like yours make me continue working.  

Message sent by :  Fernando (age 13) (Spain)
Hello. Keith your web page is very good and interesting. 
Keith's Reply Dear Fernando, Glad you like my webpage. Thanks

Message sent by :  Nacho (Malaga - Spain)
Que tal Keith, me encanta tu pagina, tienes mucha información interesante, animo, sigue así.
Keith's Reply Gracias Nacho, me alegro que te guste.  

Message sent by :  John Anderson (age10)  (California U.S.)
Hi Keith, great web, your animals are super.