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Message sent by :   Antonio (Spain)
Hello Keith!!!
Very very very happy to hear this good news.I hope that the operation went fine without any problems or troubles. I also hope that you received my e-card which I sent you on the last days of December. Well!!! Once more; I am really happy to hear those good news.
Happy New Year 2010, and Happy Reyes!! 
Keith's Reply Hi Antonio, I'm actually feeling quite better now although I've had a couple of very bad weeks.

Merry Xmas and a very happy New Year to you too.

Message sent by :   Beatriz (Spain)
I do not want to disturb you during your holidays, but I didn't hear about your operation until Wednesday. However, I wish that everything went OK and that your recuperation doesn't take long.
With my best wishes for Christmas and 2010
Keith's Reply Hello Bea, Operation went ok, it was quite long but it all seems to be going ok for now. Thanks for the interest. All the best to you and your family for Christmas. Keith  

Message sent by :   Carla(Spain)
I hope everything is fine and that you have " enjoyed " this Christmas. I really want you to get better as soon as possible! And happy New Year!
Keith's Reply Hi Carla, I am feeling somewhat better, the complete recuperation will be slow. Thanks for your interest. The operation has been very complicated and a very painful recuperation. Thanks. Keith  

Message sent by :   Laura(Spain)
I am very happy that everything went ok with the operation.
So, just say that I wish you have a very very very Merry Christmas, and a very very very Happy New Year.
A big hug, Laura
Keith's Reply HI Laura. Everything went ok with the operation, it was quite long and the recuperation will be slow but everything seems to be going ok.

A very Merry Chrismtas to you and your family.

Message sent by :   Doreen Knight (UK)
Thanks for the card, Best wishes for the New Year

Message sent by :   Miguel (Spain)
I wish you are having such as nice holidays as me. I was wishing to ask if you are ok after that operation... Hope you are all right,...
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!
Keith's Reply Hi Miguel, I'm still not feeling 100% but I am feeling better. Thanks for the interest.  

Message sent by :   Kale Boland (West Melbourne Elementary School)
A huge thank you for such a great website for colouring sheets, I couldn't have asked for more. Great Job. Happy Holidays!?
Keith's Reply Hi Kate, thank you for such kind words, this type of email makes me always want to improve my site, as a teacher myself I am always trying to include resources which are helpful for teachers. I'm working on new ideas and more colouring sheets which I hope will be online during Christmas.  

Message sent by :   Jessica Fannon (RSPB) Birmingham
Hi Keith, There is a photo of a Canadian Lynx that I'd like to use on an RSPB poster for use in Birmingham UK.
Keith's Reply Hi Jessica, that photo was sent to me and supposedly is copyright free, so you may use it.  

Message sent by :   Nikola Kadlecova (Czech Republic)
Hello, I am building websites about horses and I would like to have an encyclopaedia of horse breeds there. Would you mind if I use a few photos of the breeds you have on your websites? Thank you very much.
Keith's Reply Hi Nikola, you have permision to use the photos on my website as long as they are not used for commercial reasons and as long as www.canaryzoo.com is mentioned in relation to the photos. Thanks  

Message sent by :   Ivan Ezquerra (12) Spain
Dear Keith, I am delighted with the halloween ecard you sent us, I hope you have a joyful Halloween. Best wishes Ivan.
Keith's Reply Hi Ivan, I'm glad you liked the ecard, I also would like to thank you for your constant visits to canaryzoo and your participation in our website.  

Message sent by :   Imogen Johnson (Your Horse Magazine) (UK)
I hope you can help. I am desperately trying to find a picture of a Spiti horse for a feature I'm writing in our magazine (Your Horse) and I wondered if you might be able to send me one of yours to use. I have searched high and low and I've spoken to vets in India to try and get one with no luck. Would there be any way you might be able to help? I'd really appreciate it. Kind Regards.
Keith's Reply I'm a suscriber to your horse and I must say it is a very interesting magazine with many interesting articles, congratulations for the great work you are doing. I found it very difficult to get a photograph of a spiti horse (pony). I am sending you the one I have on my website although the quality is very poor. If I come over a better one I will forward it to you.  

Message sent by :   Terja Sussana Jensen (Denmark)
Hi, I am writing a book about horsebreeds and I wondered if I kindly may use the horsepicture on your website for my book. May I ?
Kind Regards
Keith's Reply I don't mind people using the photos if they are for educational purposes and if www.canaryzoo.com is credited.  
Message sent by :   Terja Sussana Jensen (Denmark)
Hi, Okay thank you very much and I will write your webpage in my book under the pictures I use.

Message sent by :   Alex Toland (UK)
Hi, I was just wondering if I would be able to use your picture of a fallabella (the skewbald from your website) to use as an icon on a game called ponybox, it's a game where you own and sell ponies or horses, it's not real but you need a photo to show what the horse looks like.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, I don't mind the use of my photos for educational non comercial reasons.  

Message sent by :   Mark Boutros (BBC2) UK
Hi, I hope you are well. I am emailing from the BBC2 programme QI in the UK, we're doing a question on the critically endangered pygmy hog sucking louse, and we normally show images to give the audience an idea of what it is we're talking about. I was wondering if you had any images of the pygmy hog sucking louse or of pygmy hogs that we could use? Thanks Mark
Keith's Reply Dear Mark, I'm afraid I haven't any photos. It's quite difficult to find photographs of the pygmy hog. If I come across anyone who has any I will forward them to you.  

Message sent by :   Dave Fuller
Hello Keith, I ran across your nice website about Tula and was wondering if you could help me gather some specific information about the weapon factory there, I understand that during the Great Patriotic War (WWII) the plant was shut down due to the approaching Nazis. Although they never occupied the city the factory I believe was relocated elsewhere from late 1941 through sometime in 1944. I desire to know where the factory was moved to and the dates that it was relocated in this area. Would you be able to assist me? Best Regards.
Keith's Reply Dear Dave, I'm glad you like the website, I have asked my friend who lives in Tula and she has found an answer to your question about Tula weapon plant. During the Patriotic War it was evacuated to the Urals, to a city named Izevsk. In the days of defense of Tula in the empty rooms of the plant repairing of weapons was organized. After fascists were driven out of Tula the weapon plant began to produce military production, necessary for the front. I hope this information will help you. Regards.  
Message sent by :   Dave Fuller
Thank you Keith for the information, my wife is Russian hence the interest. I always suspected that some of the manufacturing capabilities had been transferred to the Izhevsk Weapon Factory but I needed confirmation. Please thank your friend for me in Tula. Merry Christmas!

Message sent by :   Alex
The picture of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on your website is incorrect, that is some kind of cross, also their average living is 15-18 years.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, thanks for the information, do you have a photo which I can use.  
Message sent by :   Alex
I have sent you a photo of my Staffordshire Bull Terrier which you can use on the website.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, thanks for the photo, the information on the website has been corrected.  

Message sent by :   Philip Luckhurst (UK)
Please add my email to your newsletter as I'm sure my daughter would enjoy looking at the pictures! Good luck with the site and I hope you have a good Christmas and New Year.
Keith's Reply I'm sure your daughter will enjoy the material on the website. Merry Christmas to you too.  

Message sent by :   Yamenah  (USA)
Thanks much for the electronic greeting card. And happy holidays to you too!
Keith's Reply I'm glad you enjoyed the card, Merry Christmas.  

Message sent by :   Olia (age 23) (Tula, Russia)
Big thanks for the e-card!, I've never seen such a beautiful one!!!
Keith's Reply I'm glad you like the e-card. Merry Christmas.  

Message sent by :   Uttam (age 23) (Kolhapur, India)
Your site is very useful ... thank you and best of luck for your future.
Keith's Reply I'm very happy when I receive messages like yours, I'm glad you find the site useful, that is the prime directive of the site. I hope you continue visiting the webpage regularly.  

Message sent by :   Ana (age 32) (Spain)
Hola, antes de nada daros las gracias por darle un hogar a Homer, se que ahora será más feliz porque el se lo merece, es muy bueno aunque un poco travieso pero asi es Homer, le gusta mucho que le acaricien, jueguen con el, Keith, gracias de corazón por lo que haces por los animales.
Keith's Reply Puedes estar tranquila, ya me he dado cuenta que es un mimoso, le encanta que le acaricien y jueguen con el. No te preocupes que estará bien cuidado.  

Message sent by :   Victor  (age 12) (Spain)
I am Victor, your web is very very good, I'd like you to continue making new parts for the web.
Keith's Reply Glad you like the website Victor, I am currently working on some new sections which I hope will be online soon. Many new sections appeared during the summer.  

Message sent by :   Guillermo (age 12) ( Spain)
Hello! Your web is very interesting, especially the part of action games, I like it a lot.
Keith's Reply Dear Guillermo, I'm glad you like the website, we are constantly making new sections to keep it interesting as for example the action games. Hopefully new games will be online soon.  

Message sent by :   Ruthy (age 13) (Spain)
Hello! Your web page is very interesting and I like it a lot ... I hope you continue working on it with a lot of effort and energy like you have ... Continue like this and you'll have one of the best webs. One thing I wanted to ask you is if you are not going to put things about science. I liked the games a lot. Well, that's all folks!
Keith's Reply Hello Ruthy, its very encouraging for me when people find my web interesting. I am preparing many new sections and answering your question, yes, there will be a science section which will start working in the summer. There will also be new games on the web very soon. Thanks for your comments.  

Message sent by :  Orsi (Hungary)
Hello! I saw your page, and it was great! And I saw that you haven't got any pictures of the barb horse. So I send you one, and I hope you love it. This is one of my favourite horse species.
Keith's Reply Dear Orsy, thank you very much for the photograph, thanks to friend's contributions all over the World I'm getting the photos of the horse species I'm missing. I'm glad you like my page and I hope you continue visiting it.  

Message sent by :  Lydia Arreola (Mexico)
Hello Keith!! I'm from Mexico and I was looking at your web page and it's very interesting and very very cool. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Keep up the good work. My best wishes to you.
Keith's Reply Dear Lydia, I'm glad you like the page. I'm constantly updating with new sections and new ideas.  

Message sent by :  Franco Mantini (age 12) (Milan, Italy)
Hello Keith, I like the painting in the young artist section, Silvia has a lot of talent, her paintings are very cool.
Keith's Reply Dear Franco, I agree with you, Silvia has the talent necessary to represent the things she sees in the most realistic way. I hope she continues painting.  

Message sent by :  Tim Buchinger
Good Morning, my name is Tim Buchinger and I am the owner of PopularPets.net. We are dedicated to raising awareness about proper captive pet care. I am currently developing it as an ongoing project. I came across your site today and it is a great resource. I am developing our links section now and was wondering if you would like to exchange links with my site.
Keith's Reply Dear Tim, I have been looking at your website and I find it very interesting. I will be pleased to exchange links.  

Message sent by :  Egle
Hello. I visited your webpage and saw that the photo of Zemaitukas (Zhemaichiu) horse breed is missing. As your asked on your webpage, I'm sending you some pics.
Keith's Reply Dear Egle, Thank you for the pictures. I hope you like the website and continue visiting us.  

Message sent by :  Silvia Kurda (Germany)
Hallo!, I have a Welsh Stud in Germany, please will you link to my website? Please, have you addresses/links to another Welsh Pony Breeder/Stud in my country? I'm very interested in new contacts.
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia, I have been looking at your website and it is very interesting, I would like to exchange links on our pages. Regarding the links, I'm afraid I have no links to Welsh Pony breeders in Germany, if I find any I will send them on to you.  

Message sent by :  Fernando (age 13) (Spain)
Hi Keith, the Cichlid page is brilliant! You have some pretty oscars! I hope you continue increasing the section. Best Wishes. Fernando.
Keith's Reply Dear Fernando, I'm happy the Cichlid page was interesting, I find Oscars to be a very interesting fish, they are very friendly to their owners, they seem to have human feelings. I will be working on the fish page during the summer I hope, I would like to include new species.  

Message sent by :  Alejandra Irarrazaval (Universidad Finis Terrae, Chile)
My name is Alejandra Irarrazaval and I am working on a book with the objective to spread the history of the Chilean horse. For this reason I need different images to illustrate several chapters. I am writing to you in order to ask for your help. I need an image of a polonian Konik pony, in good resolution (300 dpi). We need a conformational pose (without tack or rider) of a horse that clearly shows that phenotypical traits of a good representative of the breed. Thank you very much.
Keith's Reply Dear Alejandra, it's quite difficult to find a good photo of a Konik pony. I am sending you the photos I have, I hope they are useful to you.  

Message sent by :  Fernando (age 13) (Spain)
Hi Keith!! I really enjoy visiting your web page, it's great! one thing ... I wish you would open a section on cichlids, for people interested on this huge fish family. Best Wishes!! Fernando.
Keith's Reply Dear Fernando, I'm glad you find my website great, I'm happy to inform you that the fish section is now open, I have started with a section dedicated to the Oscar fish which is a type of Cichlid, new fish will be included soon.  

Message sent by :  Benito López (Valencia, Spain)
Hola Keith, tu pagina está muy bien, me gustan mucho tus secciones sobre animales. Son muy interesantes, además como estoy estudiando inglés me viene bien que lo tengas en ambos idiomas.
Keith's Reply Hola Benito, me alegro que te guste la pagina y que te esté siendo util en tus estudios de Inglés, el próximo email me lo puedes mandar en inglés.  

Message sent by :  Jimmy Thomas (age 9) (Windermere, Lake District, UK)
Hi Keith, your page is very good, the pictures to colour are very nice, I have printed a lot and are colouring them to put in my bedroom.
Keith's Reply Dear Jimmy, I'm glad you like my page, I have just put a new set of pictures to colour about the UK, I'm sure you will find new pictures to colour.  

Message sent by :  Susan Brown (London, UK)
Hello Keith, my name is Susan Brown I teach in a Primary School in London. I would like permission to use your webpage to show my students. There are many interesting and educational pages.
Keith's Reply Dear Susan, I'm happy you find my page interesting for your pupils, you may use it to show your students, if you need any extra information or your students have any questions which need answering don't hesistate in contacting me.  

Message sent by :  Pete Jameson (Texas, U.S.A.)
Hey Keith, great page, I found your pages on animals very cool, keep up the good work.
Keith's Reply Dear Pete, I'm glad you like the page, comments like yours make me continue working.  

Message sent by :  Monty (Spain)
Hello Keith, I really like your web page with its new colour and design. I read the message board and you can see that people really appreciate your webpage. Keep up the good work.
Keith's Reply Dear Monty, I also like the new design of my webpage, a friend gave me the idea and I must admit it looks really nice now. I am preparing some new sections for my website I hope they will working soon.  

Message sent by :  Ariadna (age 11) (Spain)
Hello Keith. I was looking at your web and it is very interesting and beautiful. Also the Garden Gnomes !!! Jejeje. Thank you.
Keith's Reply Dear Ariadna, I'm glad you like my webpage. I try and include new things that may interest the visitors.  

Message sent by :  Eva (age 13) (Spain)
Hellooo!!  I like  your page very much, it’s  very interesting. The “Canary Coast” section has helped me a lot with the project. I wish you continue decorating your web page like that . Eva
Keith's Reply Dear Eva, I'm glad the Canary Coast section has helped you with your project. Trying to make the webpage as interesting as possible. Suggestions of new ideas are always welcome.  

Message sent by :  Silvia (age 13) (Spain)
Hello Keith!! I'm glad you have put my pictures on your web-page!! aproximately 71 people have visited the young artists section!! I like your web page a lot and it has very nice things and also very interesting things. I want you to know that... I apreciate you a lot since I know you and that you have to continue with your web page like that!!
Best Wishes : your best student Silvia.
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia, it was a pleasure to put your pictures on my site I think you are very talented. I'm glad you like the webpage I try to keep it interesting and with new things.  

Message sent by :  Laio Santos (Brazil)
Hello Keith, sorry to hear about the death of Prince, I have just lost a pet horse called Furia. It has been very difficult.
Keith's Reply Hello Laio, it has been very difficult for me too, sorry to hear about Furia.  

Message sent by :  Francisco Alonso (Madrid, Spain)
Hello Keith siento mucho la muerte de Prince, te mandamos nuestras condolencias. Francisco, Ana y María.
Keith's Reply Hola Francisco, muchas gracias ha sido una gran perdida.

Message sent by :  Fernando (age 13) (Spain)
Hello. Keith your web page is very good and interesting. 
Keith's Reply Dear Fernando, Glad you like my webpage. Thanks

Message sent by :  Matt Stevenson (Newcastle UK)
Hi Keith, I found the new Young Artist section a very good idea, it is a way of motivating other young artists to show their work. I must say Silvia is a very good artist.
Keith's Reply Merry Christmas Matt, it's true Silvia has a great style, I'm sure she will surprise us further.  

Message sent by :  Joan Petes (age 10) (London UK)
Merry Christmas Keith I wanted to tell you that I liked your new Christmas Pictures to colour, I have printed some out to decorate my house.
Keith's Reply Merry Christmas to you to Joan, I'm glad you like the pictures to decorate your house. All the best for the New Year.  

Message sent by :  Susan Atkinson (Melbourne, Australia)
Hi Keith, I was just admiring the work of Silvia in the Young Artist section, she has a very good style.
Keith's Reply Hi Susan, I can't but agree with you, she has a lot of talent for such a young artist.  

Message sent by :  Joaquin Mendoza (Bogota - Colombia)
Visito tu página a menudo, veo muchas cosas interesantes y cosas nuevas constantemente, sigue asi. Feliz Navidad.
Keith's Reply Muchas gracías Joaquin. Muchas felicidades.  

Message sent by :  Joan Louise
Hi Keith, lovely webpage. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2006
Keith's Reply Thank you Joan, all the best to you for Christmas.  

Message sent by :  Maríe (Paris - France)
Ça va Keith, very interesting page.
Keith's Reply Ça va Marie, thank you.  

Message sent by :  Nacho (Malaga - Spain)
Que tal Keith, me encanta tu pagina, tienes mucha información interesante, animo, sigue así.
Keith's Reply Gracias Nacho, me alegro que te guste.  

Message sent by :  Juan Carlos(Mexico) Hola Keith, me encanta tu página, tienes muchas cosas interesantes especialmente los caballos.  

Message sent by :  Santiago López (Spain)
Hola Keith , ya visité  la  web !!! muy  buena ¡¡¡

Message sent by :  John Anderson (age10)  (California U.S.)
Hi Keith, great web, your animals are super.