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Message sent by :   Nikola Kadlecova (Czech Republic)
Hello, I am building websites about horses and I would like to have an encyclopaedia of horse breeds there. Would you mind if I use a few photos of the breeds you have on your websites? Thank you very much.
Keith's Reply Hi Nikola, you have permision to use the photos on my website as long as they are not used for commercial reasons and as long as www.canaryzoo.com is mentioned in relation to the photos. Thanks  

Message sent by :   Lori
This morning I observed my Mini eating my Burning Bush (has red berries). Looking at your toxic plant list it mentions toxic if eaten, but no mention of horses. Should I remove the Burning Bush?
Keith's Reply Hi Lori, as you know horses are extremelly stomach delicate, anything that can upset their stomach can lead to a colic, if you can fence the burning bush off someway it would be better, sometimes horses won't touch these plants, for example, I have a poinsettia next to my horses and they don't touch it but if they decided to eat it it would cause them a strong mouth irritation. If you can't fence it off they you have no option but to consider removing it. If you need any more advice don't doubt in asking.  

Message sent by :   Imogen Johnson (Your Horse Magazine) (UK)
I hope you can help. I am desperately trying to find a picture of a Spiti horse for a feature I'm writing in our magazine (Your Horse) and I wondered if you might be able to send me one of yours to use. I have searched high and low and I've spoken to vets in India to try and get one with no luck. Would there be any way you might be able to help? I'd really appreciate it. Kind Regards.
Keith's Reply I'm a suscriber to your horse and I must say it is a very interesting magazine with many interesting articles, congratulations for the great work you are doing. I found it very difficult to get a photograph of a spiti horse (pony). I am sending you the one I have on my website although the quality is very poor. If I come over a better one I will forward it to you.  

Message sent by :   Terja Sussana Jensen (Denmark)
Hi, I am writing a book about horsebreeds and I wondered if I kindly may use the horsepicture on your website for my book. May I ?
Kind Regards
Keith's Reply I don't mind people using the photos if they are for educational purposes and if www.canaryzoo.com is credited.  
Message sent by :   Terja Sussana Jensen (Denmark)
Hi, Okay thank you very much and I will write your webpage in my book under the pictures I use.

Message sent by :   Carole
Hi, I'm trying to find out if the dead leaves of the myosporum laetum are still toxic to horses, and how much does one have to eat before it affect them. Thanks for any information.
Keith's Reply Hi Carole, as far as I know the myoporum laetum is extremelly toxic, leaves and fruits are toxic and may be fatal to livestock. The toxin (ngaione) is a furanoid sesquiterpene ketone that constitutes 70%-80% of oil of ngaio, an essential oil. The fruit is less toxic than the leaves and toxines are released with leaf fall. The ammount that has to be eaten depends much on the size of the animal  but it doesn't take much to kill an animal like a horse which is very sensitive to most toxines. I hope this information if helpful to you, thanks for visiting my site.  
Message sent by :   Carole
Keith, thanks for the information, I just did not know if the dead leaves were toxic as well. Also if it was a horse around 1.000 lbs. do you have any idea how much they'd need to eat, it not, could you refer me on. Thanks.
Keith's Reply Hi Carole, contact Dan Brown from Cornell University, I consider him to be one of the best experts on toxic plants. I have recommended many people to contact him. Mention canaryzoo.com when contacting him. I hope he can help you.  

Message sent by :   Alex Toland (UK)
Hi, I was just wondering if I would be able to use your picture of a fallabella (the skewbald from your website) to use as an icon on a game called ponybox, it's a game where you own and sell ponies or horses, it's not real but you need a photo to show what the horse looks like.
Keith's Reply Dear Alex, I don't mind the use of my photos for educational non comercial reasons.  

Message sent by :  Orsi (Hungary)
Hello! I saw your page, and it was great! And I saw that you haven't got any pictures of the barb horse. So I send you one, and I hope you love it. This is one of my favourite horse species.
Keith's Reply Dear Orsy, thank you very much for the photograph, thanks to friend's contributions all over the World I'm getting the photos of the horse species I'm missing. I'm glad you like my page and I hope you continue visiting it.  

Message sent by :  Egle
Hello. I visited your webpage and saw that the photo of Zemaitukas (Zhemaichiu) horse breed is missing. As your asked on your webpage, I'm sending you some pics.
Keith's Reply Dear Egle, Thank you for the pictures. I hope you like the website and continue visiting us.  

Message sent by :  Silvia Kurda (Germany)
Hallo!, I have a Welsh Stud in Germany, please will you link to my website? Please, have you addresses/links to another Welsh Pony Breeder/Stud in my country? I'm very interested in new contacts.
Keith's Reply Dear Silvia, I have been looking at your website and it is very interesting, I would like to exchange links on our pages. Regarding the links, I'm afraid I have no links to Welsh Pony breeders in Germany, if I find any I will send them on to you.  

Message sent by : 
P. Mellor (New Zealand)
What a fun site! I found it by chance when I was looking for info on Timor ponies (there's not much to be found anywhere). I was fascinated with your selection of horse breeds though I'm not convinced by your Welsh Mountain Pony picture.
Keith's Reply Dear friend. I'm pleased you like my site. You are right, it's very difficult to find information about Timor ponies. Regarding the Welsh Mountain Pony, I will check the photo. It's quite difficult to find photos on many species.  

Message sent by :  Miquel Llauradó (Barcelona, Spain)
Hola Keith, he encontrado tu web por casualidad y me parece muy interesante y bien presentada. Por este motivo me siento obligado a decirte que algunas de las traducciones de los términos ingleses de pelaje de los caballos al español no son del todo correctas. Si quiere te puedo ayudar a hacer los cambios necesarios.
Keith's Reply Hola Miguel, primero agradecerte tu comentario sobre la web, me alegro que te guste, intento que sea interesante, util y seria. Siempre estoy dispuesto a sugerencias, correcciones y ayuda. Hay muchos amigos que me han pedido que elabore una pagina sobre pelajes ya que no hay información clara en internet sobre el tema.  

Message sent by :  Alejandra Irarrazaval (Universidad Finis Terrae, Chile)
My name is Alejandra Irarrazaval and I am working on a book with the objective to spread the history of the Chilean horse. For this reason I need different images to illustrate several chapters. I am writing to you in order to ask for your help. I need an image of a polonian Konik pony, in good resolution (300 dpi). We need a conformational pose (without tack or rider) of a horse that clearly shows that phenotypical traits of a good representative of the breed. Thank you very much.
Keith's Reply Dear Alejandra, it's quite difficult to find a good photo of a Konik pony. I am sending you the photos I have, I hope they are useful to you.  

Message sent by :  Francisco Alonso (Madrid - Spain)
Hello Keith, mi hija acaba de empezar a montar a caballo, encontró muy interesante los consejos que das en la sección de Seguridad con los caballos.
Keith's Reply Me alegro que tu hija comience en este mundo de los caballos, seguro que le va a entusiasmar. Cualquier consejo que necesites no dudes en contactar conmigo.  

Message sent by :  Francis White (age8)  (Newcastle U.K.)
Hi Keith, I have a Welsh pony just like your Prince, mine is called Jackie, she is lovely and I love to ride her, I am sending you a photo by email, I love all your ponies they are very sweet.
Keith's Reply Dear Francis, your pony is beautiful, she looks very sweet, I am preparing a section on my webpage so my friends can put their own photographs, when it's ready I can put yours on.  
Message sent by :  Francis White (age8)  (Newcastle U.K.) That will be great.